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Briquetting Plant can be set by anybody who desires to invest in a profitable progressive project and has a high quality accessibility of bio-wastes or Agro-forestry Waste. Our briquetting plant requires an investment at initial stage in order to set up an plant with useful and right resources, also a area of space 600 square feet and 12 feet height is mandatory. The resources need to be stored in a right space so storage place is mandatory.

Many banks and NGO offers customer loan at very affordable price to invest in their interested projects, so that all the renewable energy projects can be encouraged and they can be promoted worldwide in order to maintain our ecological balance. Also our income tax departments cater all those customers with very beneficial plans and get liberation from income tax up to 5 years, 80% depreciation on first year, prompt finance also available, the overall cost of briquetting plant is around 400/ MT which also incorporates the cost of Power, Labor, maintenance and such miscellaneous expenditures.

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