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The pellet mill is use to obtain pellet from organic and biomass raw materials, hammer mill is use to make pallets. The pallet mill consists of metal plates with drilled holes which are called “die”. After the raw material are fed into the pellet chamber, rollers will press against the die, high pressure and temperature is created,  the material gets melts and expel out by passing through the holes. So wood is the perfect material for making quality biomass pellets because wood produces natural lignin, the lignin, whose function is to bind the raw materials together. When the pellets are ready and cooled down, they are solid and strong. The lignin when bought in high temperature it loses its property; the final product formed is of same shape.

Pellets can be made out of the bio-mass such as groundnut-shells, wood, stalks of wood etc, these pallets are ideal for domestic purposes like for cooking or fire purpose. We offer this machine in very performance and with capacity also we incorporate it with newest technologies and methods with creative and innovative idea
This PELLET MILL machine operates on high speed and provides us with an excellent output with least maintenance cost so it is affordable and because of its extra ordinary features it is very popular among the briquetting machines.

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