Briquetting Manufacturer
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We aim to be a huge profit-making company by offering a wide range of innovative & high quality briquetting machines to all the countries across the world.
Our Product Range
Briquetting Machine
Super 65 Model
Super 65 Model is our first briquetting plant, which we fabricated
Briquetting Plant India
Supreme 75 Model
Supreme 75 is our another model that call for a power-making unit
Powder Making Unit
Powder Making Unit
Our Powder making unit is functional for our briquetting models
Jumbo Briquetting Plant
Jumbo BRQ 9075 Model
Jumbo Brq 9075 Model offers high productivity
Crusher cum Shredder
Crusher cum Shredder
Bio-mass in their natural form are available
Turbo Dryer
Turbo Dryer CTD 60
Our Turbo Dryer Ctd 60 is an excellent piece of equipment for

Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

Global warming is one of the gravest problems of the world. Global Warming raises our planet’s average surface temperature because of the emission of gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc caused by combustion of fossil fuels, which entrap the heat & disallow its escape from the Earth. Hence it is very important to prevent or minimize the usage of fossil fuel like coal, lignite & diesel and switch over to cleaner or low pollutant emitting fuels.

 Bio-mass Briquettes are one of such fuels. They are produced by recycling bio-wastages and do not cause too much of pollution or emission of detrimental elements like sulphur. They are bio-degradable in nature. Our company is mainly involved in the manufacturing of export quality briquetting plants, which are machines producing briquettes.

The main goal of this web-site is to get you acquainted to our extensive array of premium quality briquetting plants.

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