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In today’s era, each and every country is facing environmental problems related to pollution, soil erosion and many more. As the coin has two sides in the same way, pollution increases due to rapid growth of industries. It can be reduced through briquettes which are eco friendly. Putting environment in front of business, Jay Khodiyar contributed its share towards protection of nature.


What are the Alternative Sources of Energy? Energy:

Human Evolution has much observed that they have caused harm to the environment and so in order to overcome these environmental problems they focus on the use of Alternative Sources of Energy. An energy that doesn’t make any use of fossil fuel is called “Alternative Energy”. Alternative Sources of Energy encompasses of Solar Energy- An Electricity generated from Sun, Wind Energy- An Electricity generated from Wind, Hydroelectric Energy – Energy generated from water, Biomass Energy and geothermal energy


Types of Alternative Energy:

Solar Energy:  Solar Energy is a device that is used for the conversion of light energy into electrical energy. This is non-polluting source of energy. It is widely used to reduce electricity bills and become less dependent on the fuel based economy. Apart from generating electricity from Solar Energy, this energy is also used for heating power, cooking food etc.

Wind Energy: In earlier days of twentieth century Wind Power was used by the mankind. Electricity is generated through this by using windmills on the farms to pump water. Large wind-turbines are spun by wind to produce electricity.

Hydroelectric Energy: In this hydroelectric energy, electricity is generated by hydroelectric dams, where the energy is captured from falling water of rivers or canals are directed through an apparatus to spin turbines and generate electricity.

Biomass Energy : The energy generated from the crushed debris left behind after hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. The biomass contained in garbage is burned to produce heat energy. It also refers as energy generating from waste to energy plants

Geothermal Energy: In this, the energy is generated from beneath the earth. Geothermal energy is completely clean and renewable source of energy. It is one of the best alternative source of energy as it is saving, pollution free and reduces our usage on fossil fuels.

What are Alternative Fuels Available?

Alternative Fuels have become a current growing topic to solve environmental issues. These Alternative Fuels protect against global warming, reduces pollution, saves money, can be reused as waste and fuel economy. Here’s a list of some Alternative Fuels:

Propane: Propane also known as liquefied petroleum gas is a derivative of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It is the best alternative fuel for vehicles and used for heating and cooking. LPG is less expensive compared to gasoline.

Ethanol: An alcohol-based alternative fuel is renewable, made from plant material like corn, barley and wheat. More usage of Ethanol results in reduction in oil dependence and green house gas [GHG] emissions.

Compressed Natural Gas: CNG is a alternative fuel that burns clean and is already widely available to people in many countries through utilities. CNG is easily available in India, and its usage is better for our National Economy.

Biodiesel: An biodegradable alternative fuel is made from vegetable oil or animal fats. Even after recycling these are used by the restaurants for cooking.

Hydrogen: It is a combination of natural gas to generate an alternative fuel for vehicles that use certain types of internal combustion engines. Hydrogen fuel is more beneficial as it releases only water vapor into the air.

Electricity: Electricity has become a necessity among people as it is an alternative fuel for battery-powered electric and fuel-cell vehicles. In today’s era electricity is generated from coal or natural gas, leaving a bad carbon footprint.

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Why do we need to find alternative energy sources?

After industrial evolution, mankind has harmed the environment in several ways. Energy should be conserved to protect the environment from drastic changes. Producing energy from the fossils fuels like coal, nuclear and other non-renewable sources may cause toll on the environment by polluting air, land and water. If we are willing to keep the planet sustainable for our future generations immediate steps have to be taken for using Alternative Sources of Energy. Renewable Energy helps in reducing climate change, it keeps environment green and moreover these can e availed economically.

By using green energy, it results in lessening of carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere because of the energy used by us, which is known as carbon footprint. Renewable Energy helps in living better and healthier lives. The world can be powered by using this “Alternative Energy sources”

How beneficiary Biomass Briquetting as fuel generation?

Biomass Briquetting Plant is the project of Eco friendly Renewable Energy Plant. This is the preeminent plant for making solid fuel from biomass and other waste material. Biomass- A renewable energy which can be availed with no difficulty is a biofuel substitute to coal and charcoal. Biomass waste can be reformed into useful environment friendly solid biomass Bio fuel – Briquettes or White coal.

Alteration of these wastes into ignitable biomass briquettes would become revenue for all individuals to satisfy energy needs while relieving landfill use. Biomass Briquetting Plants are flexible, contains high density of biofuel, available at low cost. So it can be said that “Biomass Briquetting Plant is the Fuel Making Technology”

Briquetting Plant V/s Other Energy Sources

In earlier days, more importance was given to fossil fuel such as Oil, Coal, natural gas compared to alternative source of energy. People have become dependent on fossil fuels which will have to decline as the planet knows supplies diminish. After that renewable energy have to be utilized which exist freely in nature and can be renewed within a human lifespan.

Renewable Energy Consumption
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